About Jonas Steur

Jonas Steur is an electronic music producer from a small border town in Belgium. Since 2000 he has been releasing his music to the world, slowly creating an impressive discography. With several big hits like 'Tales from the south', 'Castamara' and 'Fall to pieces', just to name a few , Jonas made his name in the trance scene. His music has been played by all the big names and has been used in games, tv shows and even has been spotted in a Hollywood movie. He has been producing music ranging from techno to house but eventually always comes back to a warm progressive melodic sound.

In 2007 Jonas released his debut album ' Born for the night ', a mix of trance , progressive and other elements from diverse electronic music genres. The opening track ' Fall to pieces' featuring singer Jennifer Rene has become a classic in the trance scene and added vocals to Jonas' predominantly instrumental output.

The 'post Born for the night' period was marked by a diversification in productions ranging from collaborations with Leon Bolier, Paul Moelands , Julie Thompson and many more to the ecletic 'evil robot' project. Notable tracks are 'The night is young', 'Cold winds', 'Call it whatever you fancy' and 'Side by side'.

Jonas also has been responsible for a steady stream of remixes for artists ranging from 'Cosmic gate' to 'Deadmau5' and has been doing some other more 'behind the scenes' production work as well. As a dj Jonas has been all over Europe and beyond, entertaing the crowds with the warm 'Steur' sounds.

2010 marks a new period for Jonas , he is returning to his melodic roots more and more resulting in a new artist album 'Tales'. This 4 part concept album being released in a 6 month period represents a series of stories about the journey to wisdom with Jonas' strong melodic themes as a guide. And who knows what the future will bring after this journey has been completed ? ...